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Personal Coaching - Business Development - Marketing 

There’s no question, YOU are amazing at what you do, you're striding out on your own with a vision for creating something great, right? 

Chances are you have a team of people around you but maybe you’ve been doing alot (or feeling the need to do much) of the doing yourself?

Maybe you know you need to do more to get real traction and meet your goals but not sure when you’ll get around to it or who you can rely on to do it, if not you.  


...Perhaps you’re just a little bamboozled, wondering why you simply don’t SHINE at some of the stuff others do? 

It’s not unusual (and no, that’s not the cue for a song), like many entrepreneurs you have what it takes to go it alone, to take a risk and get out there but there’s always the odd road block to navigate.

If you are :
  • passionate & purposeful
  • curious & bright 
  • open-hearted 
  • a small business owner or an entrepreneur with big ideas 
  • determined to grow a thriving business

What you might be missing is a plan and / or someone to help you implement it, or just a little extra ‘muscle’ on the team?

That's where I come in… 

My clients come to me because they want that help with their business - another head, without the overhead.

Most of them come for help with personal & business development & marketing.

I bring energy, connections, resource, creative inspiration and passion for your business and vision - without the employee over head!








Why work with me?